Google Market on Arnova 10 G2

28/04/2013 – This page is for reference only and should be only used if you want to keep the default O/S on your Arnova 10g2 and have google play installed. Please take a look at the following link to get the Google play and Ice Cream Sandwich O/S on your Arnova 10g2.

After much head searching and visits round many arnova forums I discovered there was way to get an older version of goolge marketplace working on the arnova 10 g2 which I have detailed below.

Before you follow the below method you need a valid Gmail account

On the local PC

1) First you need to find the goolge apps setup files (google: set up google apps.rar) and download them to you local PC you will need to extract them as the google apps will be zipped, Once you unzip the folder you should have folder with lots of files in it all you need in you only need the files in the  folder called app.

(You can try the following link at your own risk Download link )

2)Connect your Arnova 10 g2 tablet with the Mini USB – USB adapter to your pc the transfer screen will appear on the tablet when you plug the usb cable in to your pc tap the connect button and the tablet will appear as an external hard drive on your local PC

3)Copy the files from the apps folder that you just extracted on your PC into the downloads folder onto the tablet just like you would copy a file from one folder to another

4)Once you had transfer the files disconnect the tablet from your PC just like you would a USB Stick and place the USB cable in a safe place.

On the Arnova 10 g2

1) Go to the download folder on your arnova you should now see a list of files

a.Google Services Framework
b.OneTime Initializer
c.Setup Wizard

2) To install these files on the Arnova tap each one and confirm to install they should be installed in the above listed  order

3)After installing all the Google Market files go back to the settings screen you should now see the goolge market apps try to login to Gmail. You will get an error. (this is ok do not worry about it)

4) Now go into settings and manage apps. Click on Google framework. Clear the cache files.

5) Do the same thing for Gmail and clear the cache.

(I had no “cached files” for “Gmail and Google framework” to delete if this is the case with you then just move on to step 6)

6)Power down and back up.

7)DONT launch the market but launch Gmail and login. It should work.

8)Once logged in you can now go back to the settings window and launch google Market.

After following the above method you are now free to download all the apps from google market and not have to touch appslib market place ever again.

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Back up your Arnova 10 g2 and other tasks wirelessly using AirDroid

And of course

Many thanks to the following forums and posts for help and guidance

  1. Sandra
    June 11, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    Will definately give this a go tomorrow thanks for posting, fingers crossed that it will work

  2. Sandra
    June 13, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    Ok, ive followed the instructions. But when I get to point six and power up the tablet it is asking me to use launcher or wizard. Wizard stops when I press that option. Launcher will take me to the home screen, but when I press gmail I get the message: android system has stopped. Can anyone tell me what I should do?

    • June 13, 2012 at 11:04 pm

      Some times you may have to do the following although I did not have to do it on my arnova 10G2

      1) After installing all the G Market files go try to login to Gmail. You will get an error.

      2) Now go into settings and manage apps. Click on Google framework. Clear the cache files.

      3) Do the same thing for Gmail and clear the cache.

      4) Power down and back up.

      5) DONT launch the market but launch Gmail and login. It should work.

      6) Now you can launch the Market.

      If it still errors after that you may need to try these people on the following froum

      You can also take a look at this youtube video if it helps

      (will putting this video in the main section later on)

  3. mandy
    November 17, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    Hi, is it possible to do all this for the arnova 8? I have installed the market on my arnova 10 and its perfect, thank you.

  4. joop glasbergen
    November 23, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    when i press GoogleServicesFramework.apk this message appears on Arnova10:

    app niet geinstalleerd. een bestaand pakket met dezelfde naam en een conflicterende handtekening is al geinstalleerd.
    app not installed. An existing package with same name and conflicting signature already installed.

    I tried to find that package but did not succeed.

    Please help. Thanks.

  5. Jean-Pierre Malisse
    May 29, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    For those who only speak french, here is the translation.
    Pour ceux qui ne parlent que français, voici la traduction…
    avec quelques petites adaptation

    Installation de Androïd Market sur Arnova G10 2 en Adroid 4.0.3 ICS sans changement
    du firmware, ni retour à 2.3, en gardant la version 4.0.3 d’origine

    Aller dans AppsLib
    Installer Unzip ou Android_zip
    Télécharger Google Apps (

    Lancer Unzip
    Aller dans Internal Memory/Download
    Unzipper “google apps” dans le même répertoire
    Dans l’ordre donné, installer successivement :

    -> GoogleServicesFramework.apk
    -> OneTimeInitializer.apk
    -> SetupWizard.apk
    -> Talk.apk
    -> Gmail.apk
    -> Market-3.4.4-signed.apk
    -> Maps.apk

    Appeler Googlemail et créer ou se logger sous un Google-Account einzuloggen,
    ici, devrait survenir une erreur (c’est normal) (Fermer Gmail)
    Aller dans Paramètres -> “Gestion des Applications”
    Rechercher en scrollant “Google-Services-Framework”
    Choisir “Effacer le cache” (le bouton doit devenir gris, s’il l’était déjà c’est ok)
    Choisir “Effacer les données” et confimer
    Rechercher en scrollant “Google Mail”
    Choisir “Effacer le cache” (le bouton doit devenir gris, s’il l’était déjà c’est ok)
    Choisir “Effacer les données” et confimer
    Eteindre l’appareil et rallumer
    Ouvrir Googlemail et se logger

    Ouvrir l’application “Market” un petit sachet avec un androïde vert
    Normalement ça doit marcher….
    et vous avez normalement accès à AppsLib et Market

    Si quelqu’un sait comment passer en Market 4.1.6, il est le bienvenu pour compléter cet article

    Si c’est fait…
    Installer ensuite “Opera”, VLC, Skype, Flipboard, Flashlight, Ghost Commander,Compte à Rebours, et quelques autres utilitaires selon vos envies…

    Feedback bienvenu…

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