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Cameyo not starting up Error

January 28, 2013 Leave a comment


At the start of last year I wrote a blog about creating your own virtualization applications with Cameyo.

Create your own virtualization applications with Cameyo

Well this week when trying to open one of my virtualized app’s it would try to open and crash out with the  following error C:\Path-to\YourPrograms.exe (Error=3, MyPID=2).

I then deleted the Cameyo application and downloaded it from the FTP server and tried again to open the application with not much luck as I kept on getting the same error.

After a quick look around the Cameyo forums looking for a help, I found this handy command below

“C:\Path-to\YourPrograms.exe” -Remove

When run it removes all traces of the Cameyo virtualization software attached to that program double-click the application to run it again.

See how to make a reset switch for your Rev 2 Raspberry Pi

January 27, 2013 Leave a comment

After purchasing my second Raspberry Pi which is a Rev 2 model and comparing it against my current Raspberry Pi Rev 1. I noticed that it now has the addition of two holes for a header which I later discovered was for P6, Which are designed to enable a reset facility.

Close up shot the Rev 2 Raspberry Pi showing the P6 Points to mount the header (Image from

After a quick look around the internet  I found a great website called which has a great little tutorial on using this header to create a reset switch for your raspberry pi

Take a look at the following link to see how

Raspberry Pi Rev 2.0 guide to making a reset switch

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Live Raspberry Pi WordPress Server

January 24, 2013 1 comment

Raspberry'sRobert Hammond has built his own Raspberry Pi WordPress Server using the following guide

Turning your raspberry pi into a WordPress Server

You can see his live wordpress site at the following address being powered by a Raspberry Pi

Novell Zenworks – Failed to connect to an IPC port solution

January 24, 2013 Leave a comment

One of clients I work with use the Novell Zenworks system to deploy software to the machines and we came across a little problem.

novell-logoAfter building the package and building it into a bundle (Novell speak for software package) we pushed the deploy button and left it for a couple of days for the software to deploy as it was based on user login to install.

When we came back to check we found the below error on some the PC’s.

“Exception displaying message: Failed to connect to an IPC Port: The system cannot find the file specified.”

After looking on the Novell userforum we found the solution to our problem. It appeared to be a problem with zennotifyicon.exe handling the install pop-up messages we had asked the package to display when installing to resolve it we had to do the following.

The following is done via the command line

1. Kill process zennotifyicon.exe

tasklist (to discover the PID of ZenNotifyIcon.exe)

and then the following command

taskkill /f  (f0rce close) /PID 827 (PID number of ZenNotifyIcon.exe)

2. Manually re-start the ZenNotifyIcon.exe by doing the following


3. Re-run the package deployment  by running the following command

Zac BV “Package name”

The following process could also be changed to bundle (software package) to run after if it fails to install the package.

What are Rogue Clouds?

January 22, 2013 1 comment


Scanning though my inbox today I saw a very interesting article/survey from Symantec on the formation of rogue clouds such as the use of drop box within an organization which has inspired a quick blog about it and dovetails nicely into an earlier post about the problem of shadow IT – What is Shadow IT ?

http://www.freedigitalphotos.netRouge Cloud Definition

“Rogue cloud is defined as business groups that offer public cloud applications which are not managed by or integrated into a company’s IT infrastructure.”

What is so bad about a Rouge Cloud in your infrastructure?

Lack of security over company information – You spend time and resources on providing a secure location for your information to be contained on (File Servers) with the use of VPN’s for remote connections, The best firewall’s that accounts will let you buy and policy’s for password length and complexity and your user base create a drop box account with a password of “password” and place business sensitive documents for working on at home.

Backing up and recovering data on that rouge cloud – You will spend hours designing and implementing a backup solution that stores business information which can be recalled with minimal effort and risk but when your user base transfer there documents to their rouge cloud all of that goes out the window and your left having to tell a user that you cannot recover that important document they spent all night working on because it’s not part of your network.

Unexpected outages and no agreed SLA (service level agreements) on availability – When working in IT you understand that when dealing

with vendors that look after critical business infrastructure  you really need to have an agreed (SLA) or backup plan in case of unexpected outages.

This however is not a big concern when you customer signs a cloud agreement and will complain at you about a bad internet connection when they are unable to access their cloud provider and does not grasp the concept that the service can be down and that you do not know when it will be back.

What can the IT department do about it?

Unlock KeyYou could use policy either though general corporate policy or IT policy to ban the use of the cloud, it would in fact makes it harder to locate and integrate with your corporate infrastructure and makes the IT department look like the bad guys and the department will still be blamed when the user cannot get to data or lost access to the data.

Do some root cause analysis to find out why there is an active rogue cloud within the organisation, is it because the IT department is moving too slowly for other departments or not providing the correct tools for that department.

Does your department have a clear message to upper management about the issues around using cloud’s and the issues connected with rouge clouds, Has the department been dragging their feet on the idea/adaption of a cloud based system ?

Dealing with this rogue cloud could involve IT department fostering relationships (Partnerships) with the business groups using the rogue cloud and becoming a trusted advisor rather than an adversary in a cloud based system.

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Installing Git on your Raspberry Pi

January 20, 2013 1 comment

Git is a free and open source distruibuted version control system.

To install Git on to your to Raspberry Pi run the following command

Sudo apt-get install git-core

This will install the core git files on to your raspberry pi

To download Git files you can use the following command

“git clone git://website/stuff/program.git”

This will transfer the file to the raspberry pi ready for extraction and running.

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January 20, 2013 1 comment is one year old today.

It has been one year tBirthdayoday since I started this blog to post handy how-to’s and other helpful information I found out about during the normal course of my working week or though outside stuides such as working with the raspberry pi.

When the blog was first strated I was looking at maxmum of  2,000 views but have been blow away by the 37,500 views I got in the first year of my blog.

So here’s to another year of blogging.

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