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Adding Mysql to your Raspberry Pi webserver

October 28, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Whilst you can have a perfectly good website server without a database if you have followed this guide

How to setup a webserver with PHP on Raspberry Pi

You need a database to provide a way of holding data and is a requirement for many content management systems (CMS) and web-based applications

Mysql is the most popular database server and most third-party software for Linux is designed to use Mysql so to install on you raspberry pi type the following

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

During the install you will be asked to enter a password twice

(This password is for the setting up of your MySQL root password)

Once done you then need to type the following command to install the php mysql libraries to allow PHP to access the mysql database

sudo apt-get install php5-mysql

To test that you installed MySQL successfully we can run the following command

mysqladmin -u root -p ping

You will then need to enter the MySQL root password which you set when you installed the MySQL software

If successful you will see the below text.

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ mysqladmin -u root -p ping
Enter password:
mysqld is alive

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